FG Wilson parts FG Wilson parts FG Wilson Diesel Generator set models typically used for power in offices, shops, clinics, and for domestic purposes.
Model kVA Engine Model Spec Engine Spec Pricing From Get In Touch
P7.5-1S 6.8 / 7.5 403A-11G1 P7.5-1S 403A-11G1 £POA Quote Me
P7.5-4S 6.8 / 7.5 403D-11G P7.5-4S 403D-11G £POA Quote Me
P9.5-1 8.5 / 9.5 403A-11G1 P9.5-1 403A-11G1 £POA Quote Me
P9.5-4 8.5 / 9.5 403D-11G P9.5-4 403D-11G £POA Quote Me
P11-6S 10.0 / 11.0 403D-15G P11-6S 403D-15G £POA Quote Me
P12-1S 11.0 / 12.0 403A-15G2 P12-1S 403A-15G2 £POA Quote Me
P13.5-6 12.5 / 13.5 403D-15G P13.5-6 403D-15G £POA Quote Me
P14-6S 13.0 / 14.0 404D-22G1 P14-6S 404D-22G1 £POA Quote Me
P16-1 14.5 / 15.9 403A-15G2 P16-1 03A-15G2 £POA Quote Me
P16.5-1S 15.0 / 16.5 404D-22G P16.5-1S 404D-22G £POA Quote Me
P16.5-6S 15.0 / 16.5 404D-22G P16.5-6S 404D-22G £POA Quote Me
P18-6 16.5 / 18.0 404D-22G1 P18-6 404D-22G1 £POA Quote Me
P22-1 20.0 / 22.0 404A-22G1 P22-1 404A-22G1 £POA Quote Me
P22-6 20.0 / 22.0 404D-22G P22-6 404D-22G £POA Quote Me

FG Wilson parts

All generator models are available open or with a choice of acoustic enclosures.

Terms and Conditions
All prices quoted are ex works our works, exclusive of VAT.
Upgrades available to suit any application or specification on request.
Starting prices are based on an open set including CE Certification, Battery, Earth Link and Pre Delivery Inspection.

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