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Maintenance/Service Agreements

At Stuart Power Ltd we maintain and service a comprehensive range of diesel generators either as stand alone systems or in combination with your uninterruptable power supply.

Installing a generator is an excellent way to protect your power supply. However, it is no guarantee to continual power as generator components can fail if not maintained to a high standard. A planned programme of generator maintenance should always be considered as an essential part of any standby or continuous power system.

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As part of our proactive approach to ensuring system reliability and reduce the risk of generator failure, our generator maintenance plans provide peace of mind. Knowing that your systems are working as designed will provide you with added confidence in your system infrastructure.

As such, Stuart Power Ltd has designed a maintenance programme for all your needs. We fully understand that different customers have different maintenance requirements. We can tailor our servicing to suit your maintenance requirements, thus offering you a cost effective and fully optimised generator maintenance agreement that suits your exact requirements.

Outline of Service Agreements

The main structure of all our maintenance Agreements is outlined below:

  • Check coolant level mix on visual inspection and condition of radiator core
  • Check for water in the fuel prefilter (if fitted) and drain as necessary
  • Ensure that RPM/Hz is checked and adjusted as necessary
  • Measure the amount of lubricating oil in the sump and top up if required
  • Ensure all guards are securely fitted
  • Check fuel tank condition and content
  • Check bunded area as necessary and drain if required
  • Check battery voltage, water levels, charging systems and connections where fitted
  • Run generator, check instrument panel, ensure all gauges and meters are operating correctly
  • Check generator is free from oil, water and fuel leaks
  • Inspect engine water jacket heater and static battery charger (if fitted) and carry out function on and return to standby test
  • Exhaust system, check and inspect all joints
  • Renew fuel filter
  • Renew air filter as necessary
  • Renew oil filter and change oil
  • Flush and change antifreeze
  • Change water filter (if fitted)
  • Inspect all drive belts and adjust if necessary
  • Clean the sediment chamber and the strainer of the fuel lift pump (if fitted)
  • Clean the closed breather system
  • Check generator main output wiring and tighten if necessary, MCB full function
  • Inspect control panel wiring
  • Test all engine and generator shut downs and alarms (where fitted)
  • Inspect engine and generator mountings
  • Check the alternator and starter motor wiring is all secure
  • Inspect magnetic pickup condition (if fitted)

Load Bank Testing

  • Tests are made either on-site or within our workshop.
  • Loads and time frames are set to customer requirements.
  • When testing is complete we assess all other generator components.
  • Maximum load of 110%

Emergency Callout

Main Breakdown Number


The Emergency Callout Service is available to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

We will provide professional advice, remote support and on-site support.

Peace of Mind

Stuart Power offers a 3 year warranty on all our sets sold to a standby application. The third year is dealer supported and valid when a service agreement is in place. This service offers guaranteed fixed prices for a three year period.

Terms & Conditions

A copy of our terms and conditions is available upon request.

Prices can vary depending on the customers requirements.

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