730 to 2,500 kVA Generators

FG Wilson Diesel Generator sets typically used for power in mini power stations, airports, hospitals and the financial sector. Now with extended warranty options on both prime and standby applications.

730 to 2,500 kva
Model kVA Engine Prices Starting From Enquiries
P780-1 706.0 / 780.0 2806A-E18TTAG4 POA Make Enquiry
P730P1 / P800E1 730.0 / 800.0 4006-23TAG2A POA Make Enquiry
P850-1 770.0 / 850.0 2806A-E18TTAG5 POA Make Enquiry
P800P1 / P900E1 800.0 / 900.0 4006-23TAG3A POA Make Enquiry
P910P1 / P1000E1 910.0 / 1000.0 4008TAG1A POA Make Enquiry
P1000P1 / P1100E1 1000.0 / 1100.0 4008TAG2A POA Make Enquiry
P1125P1 / P1250E1 1125.0 / 1250.0 4008-30TAG3 POA Make Enquiry
P1250P3 / P1375E3 1250.0 / 1375.0 4012-46TWG2A POA Make Enquiry
P1350P1 / P1500E1 1350.0 / 1500.0 4012-46TWG3A POA Make Enquiry
P1500P3 / P1650E3 1500.0 / 1650.0 4012-46TAG2A POA Make Enquiry
P1700P1 / P1875E1 1700.0 / 1875.0 4012-46TAG3A POA Make Enquiry
P1750 / P1925E 1750.0 / 1925.0 4016TAG POA Make Enquiry
P1825 / P2000E 1825.1 / 2000.0 4016TAG1A POA Make Enquiry
P2000 / P2250E 2000.0 / 2200.0 4016TAG2A POA Make Enquiry
P2000-1 1850.0 / 2000.0 4016-61TRG1 POA Make Enquiry
P2250-1 2000.0 / 2250.0 4016-61TRG2 POA Make Enquiry
P2500-1 2250.0 / 2500.0 4016-61TRG3 POA Make Enquiry

Introducing New Industry Leading Warranty Terms on 4000 Series Diesel Range (730 – 2,500 kVA)

Our continued focus on quality improvement has led to us introducing market leading warranty terms for both prime and standby applications on our 730 – 2,500 kVA range, powered by the Perkins 4000 series diesel engines.

For Prime applications the warranty period is 12 months from date of start-up with unlimited hours (8760 hours) or 24 months from date of start-up, limited to 6000 hours. This means that the warranty will last until the end of the 2nd year or until the application reaches 6000 hours, whichever is sooner.

For Standby applications, the warranty period has been increased from 24 months to 36 months from date of start-up, limited to 500 hours per year.

We stand behind our products and think that increasing the warranty period shows you can be confident the units will perform for you.

New floor standing circuit breakers

the new ABB EMAX 2 range being introduced to replace the existing ACB 1600-4000A floor standing circuit breakers on our Large Product Range (>730 kVA).

  • Independently certified to meet IEC61439-2
  • IP23 as standard, IP54 upgrade*
  • Configurable top and bottom cable entry
  • Assembly fault rating of 66kA up to 100kA*
730 to 2,500 kva

Terms and Conditions
All prices quoted ex. our Attleborough works, exclusive of VAT.
Upgrades available to suit any application/specification.
Prices are based on standard models.
Upgrades priced on request.

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