How does Hybrid Power work?

Similar to hybrid car technology, the Cygnus HPG has an intelligent control system that manages variable loads, allowing the generator to switch off during periods of low power consumption i.e. overnight. The hybrid will supply the power silently during this period with the changeover being seamless. The generator will automatically restart when the demand is high, or the batteries become depleted. On many applications this is configured by time to meet the site’s power requirements and is ideal for applications in residential areas where noise is an issue.

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Why choose Hybrid Power for your temporary power needs?

Firefly Cygnus
Stuart Power’s fleet of Firefly Cygnus® hybrid power systems are changing the way that temporary power is being delivered. It is an innovative product that helps companies to reduce their fuel costs, meet sustainability targets and reduce CO2 and NOx emissions. The Cygnus® range achieves continuous power, whilst reducing the generators running time significantly, and can be used in a number of applications including construction, industry, events, rail, telecoms, road construction and pumping.

“Having the hybrid generator was definitely worthwhile and it fits in well with our commitment to sustainability. We’ve saved money on fuel, reduced noise emissions and eliminated issues associated with fuel deliveries, such as logistics, delivery times and risk of spills. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how good and efficient it is! It’s definitely a good piece of equipment to have onsite.”

Clive Medden, Project Manager of Careys

Hybrid Power Pages

Please note: The generators below are a part of our rental fleet and therefore are only available for hire.

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Cygnus 3

Used by many of Europe’s leading plant hire companies, Cygnus® Three sets the standard in hybrid power for temporary applications.

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Cygnus 4

Cygnus® Four boasts the latest in cutting edge OPzV battery technology, with double the life of standard AGM batteries – providing 1,500 cycles. Capable of powering even bigger sites than ever before.

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