The Tsurumi KTZE Series - Heavy Duty Site Drainage.

Tsurumi Three Phase Pumps

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The Tsurumi KTZE Series

The KTZE pumps offer an automatic option to the KTZ series, without the need for external control panels and cumbersome float switches. A sensor probe is mounted in a durable, moulded rubber bracket and, for added protection; it is positioned within the footprint off the pump base. Once the water level reaches the probe, the pump will start and continue to operate for one minute after the water falls below it. However, if the water touches the probe within this time, the “stop” signal is cancelled and the pump continues to run until the water is cleared. The KTZE design also includes a dual position outlet port, to enable the user to position the outlet hose in the required direction which may be horizontal or vertical and hence avoid kinking of layflat discharge hose.

Supplied with 20 metres of heavy duty, H07RN-F rubber power cable, though IDS cable is available at extra cost

Suitable applications:
  • Construction
  • Mines & quarries
  • Hire fleets
  • Tunnelling
  • Industry
  • Processing
Main features:
  • Supplied with both male BSP threaded outlet and hose connector
  • 1.5kW - 3.7kW
  • 400 volts 3 phase automatic
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Pricing for the KTZE Series pumps

Model Manual/Auto Outlet (BSPM) kW volt Weight (kgs) Price
KTZE21.5 A 2" & 50mm 1.5 400 40 £1,823.88
KTZE31.5 A 3" & 80mm 1.5 400 39 £1,823.88
KTZE22.2 A 2" & 50mm 2.2 400 42 £2,036.02
KTZE32.2 A 3" & 80mm 2.2 400 42 £2,036.02
KTZE23.7 A 2" & 50mm 3.7 400 71 £2,850.27
KTZE33.7 A 3" & 80mm 3.7 400 71 £2,850.27
KTZE43.7 A 4" & 100mm 3.7 400 71 £2,850.27
Optional extra: Electrode extender £13.56
3 day service - carriage free subject to stock.
Other delivery options available - Price on Application
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