Tsurumi Submersible Pumps

Powerful and versatile sewage and waste water pumps.

Tsurumi logo 3 year warranty on all new Tsurumi submersible pumps

Single-phase pumps

Single phase pumps
These models incorporate a dual position outlet port, to enable the user to position the outlet hose horizontally or vertically and avoid it kinking. A choice of either 0.48kW or 0.75kW motors in the range facilitates cost effective pump selection.
LSC 1.4S
This pump is able to pump water down to 1mm, which makes it suitable for pumping large or small areas of nuisance water found on flat surfaces. See a video
Single-phase agitator pumps suspend solids when pumping sand and debris. Available in manual or automatic operation.
NK are single phase drainage pumps capable of large flows at high heads. Constructed in superior grade materials throughout they give exceptional performance in harsh operating conditions.

Three-phase pumps

Tsurumi Three Phase Pumps
Constructed of cast iron, the centre discharge design reduces the base area size and facilitates locating and positioning in confined spaces.
Excellent durability is ensured with a cast iron pump casing, motor frame and open impeller in chromium iron.
Offering the same performance as the KTZ range (up to KTZ43.7 3.7kW) but with a sensor probe mounted in a durable, moulded rubber bracket and, for added protection; it is positioned within the footprint of the pump base, for automatic on/off control without the need for additional control panels
Cast aluminium and pressed steel outer components make these pumps truly portable, and a vortex impeller and rubber pump chamber give outstanding wear resistance in applications with high sand and silt content.
The sensor probe is mounted in a durable, moulded rubber bracket and, for added protection, it is positioned within the footprint of the pump base.
Heavy duty drainage pumps with excellent wear resistance for applications where large volumes of water, containing sand and silt, need to be moved rapidly.
These pumps have a similar construction to the KTV & KRS models but have a built-in agitator and increased wear resistance for moving higher volumes of sand and silt.
Similar to the KTV2 pump series but suitable for heavier duty applications with a semi-open type impeller.
Heavy duty drainage pumps with side discharge, spiral design and agitator to aid the passage of sand or pulverised solids into suspension.2.2kw – 11kw 4-pole motor range.
Similar to the NKZ range but range starting at 5.5kw – 22kw 4-pole motor and offering larger flow rates.
Heavy duty high flow submersible pump with 4-pole motor for an increased lifetime.

Aerating Submersible Water Pump

Tsurumi Sewage pumps
The TRN series aerators draw air in from negative pressure that has been generated from flow created behind a semi-open impeller.
The BER series aerators combine B series submersible pumps with venturi-jet based diffusers.

Submersible Drainage Water Pumps

Tsurumi Drainage pumps
The OM(A)4 pumps are light, compact, have energy efficient motors and integral anti-airlock valves.

Sewage pumps

Tsurumi Sewage pumps
Tsurumi 50PU (2")
The 50PU series of stainless steel sewage pumps have 304 stainless steel motor frames and hi-tech plastic upper and lower casings for excellent corrosion and wear resistant performance.
Tsurumi 80U2 (3")
The 80U2 series of sewage pumps have vortex impellers and are of cast iron construction.
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