Tsurumi GPN Agitator series - Heavy duty pumps for the mining and construction industry.

Tsurumi Three Phase Pumps

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The Tsurumi KTZE Series

GPN models are heavy duty drainage pumps, capable of very large flows, which incorporate specifically designed 4-pole motors for excellent wear resistance. The side discharge, spiral design and the rotating agitator facilitate the passage of sand, bentonite, pulverized solids etc. without clogging. The design also incorporates a motor frame and pump casing in grey cast iron with the suction cover and impeller in chromium iron. Heavy duty motors are fitted with internal overloads, which enables simple installation and direct connection to the power supply. Each model has a motor shaft made from chromimum molybdenum steel giving enhanced tensile strength required for extreme slurry and hard solids handling duties. They are fitted with ultra-hard wearing double mechanical seals (silicon carbide-silicon carbide) in an oil chamber that has an oil lifter for positive seal lubrication in any position. Maintenance is straightforward with simple replacement of wearing parts without he need for a workshop or special tools.

Supplied with 20 metres of heavy duty, H07RN-F rubber power cable, though IDS cable is available at extra cost.

Suitable applications:
  • Mines & quarries
  • Construction
  • Hire fleets
  • Transfer
  • Industry
  • Processing
Main features:
  • Side outlet
  • 30mm free passage
  • Durable design
  • 4-pole 400v electric motor
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Pricing for the GPN Series pumps

Model Manual/Auto Outlet (BSPM) kW volt Weight (kgs) Price
GPN35.5 M 80mm 5.5 400 145 £5,218.04
GPN411 M 100mm 11 400 217 £7,620.11
GPN415 M 100mm 15 400 220 £10,482.34
GPN422 M 100mm 22 400 415 £18,860.08
GPN622 M 150mm 22 400 415 £18,860.08
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