The Tsurumi 80U2 Series - Medium Duty Sewage - Vortex Impeller

Tsurumi sewage pump

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The Tsurumi 80PU Series

The 80U2 sewage pumps have vortex impellers, are of cast iron construction and provide excellent free passage for the uninterrupted flow of suspended solids and fibrous material found in municipal and industrial duties. They are particularly popular and effective in agricultural applications. Available in three-phase only. The 403 stainless steel shaft is fitted with an ultra-hardwearing double mechanical seal (inboard: silicon carbide - silicon carbide), in an oil chamber. They are available free-standing or for fixed installations when supplied with the guide rail (auto-coupling) kit. The latter includes a pedestal, guide hook, top bracket and lifting chain, but not rails. A range of explosion proof pumps, incorporating vortex impellers, can be found on pages 41 and 42. Supplied with 10 metres of heavy duty rubber power cable.

NEW! When a Tsurumi sewage pump is being selected as a replacement for an existing Flygt pump installation, a guide hook adaptor is available as an optional extra. This is suitable for use with all 3” and 4” sewage pumps and permits retro-fitting a Tsurumi to existing Flygt guide rail installations.

Supplied with 10 metres of heavy duty, H07RN-F rubber power cable.

Suitable applications:
  • Agriculture
  • Industry
  • Pumping Stations
  • Sewage Treatment
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Pricing for the 80PU Series pumps

Model Outlet (BSPM) kW volt Packing Weight (kgs) Price (£)
80U2.75 3" 0.75 400 37 555
80U21.5 3" 1.5 400 48 780
80U22.2 3" 2.2 400 63 1,160
80U23.7 3" 3.7 400 70 1,415
Optional extra: auto coupling set for guide rails 395
Optional extra: 3" guide hook adaptor 115
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