The Tsurumi TDS / TED Petrol Series – Trash and Semi Trash Pumps

Tsurumi TDS / TED Petrol engine driven pumps.

The Tsurumi TEF Series

For applications where water contains solids, centrifugal trash pumps are recommended. The TDS-HA and TED-HA models are self-priming pumps powered by OHV Honda petrol engines with oil alerts. They are housed within a protective tubular steel, easy carry frames and anti-vibration rubbers. All models are fitted with silicon carbide and ceramic mechanical seals and are supplied with hose couplings, washers, clips and strainers, but hoses are extra. Maximum suction lift is 8m, however 6m or less is recommended.

TDS-50HA and TDS-80HA are semi-trash pumps. The pump housing features elongated bolts for easy removal using the special tool supplied. These models are able to handle 20mm solids in suspension.

The TED series are heavy-duty trash pumps of traditional design. The pump housings incorporate inspection covers, which can be quickly released by undoing two hand nuts, thus allowing ready access to the impeller.

A dual fuel LPG conversion kit will enable the Honda engine to run on a propane cylinder bottle, but with the option to switch back to petrol if required. Using gas reduces running costs and lowers emissions without any loss of performance. Gas also avoids the problems caused by stale fuel in an engine left unused for long periods and the hazards of petrol storage and refuelling. Supplied in kit form, with step-by-step instructions, they are easy to fit without any special tools.

Suitable applications:
  • Hire Fleets
  • Utilities
  • Construction
  • Drainage
  • Waste removal
  • Submerged litter
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Pricing for the TDS / TED Petrol Series Pumps

Model Inlet (mm) Outlet (mm) Flow l/min Head Solids (mm) Weight (kgs) Price (£)
TDS-50HA 50mm 50mm 780 23 20 24 £495.45
TDS-80HA 75mm 75mm 1150 23 20 27 £560.50
TED2-50HA 50mm 50mm 800 26 25 33 £924.07
TED2-80HA 75mm 75mm 1300 30 35 59 £1,363.38
TED2-100HA 100mm 100mm 2000 23 35 69 £1,905.17
Optional Extra:
Site Trolley (TED Models) - £202.28
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