The Tsurumi TE Petrol Series - Site Water Pumps.

Tsurumi Petrol engine driven pumps.

The Tsurumi TE Petrol Series

The TEM-25H is a self-priming centrifugal pump, powered by a compact and powerful 4 stoke, genuine Honda, petrol engine. This is coupled to a pump that has an aluminium body, volute and impeller, which ensures that it is light, compact and portable. It is fitted to a sturdy base plate, with rubber feet to minimize vibration and has a comfortable, yet robust carrying handle. For reliability the pump is fitted with a carbon ceramic mechanical seal. Suitable for clean and dirty water. It’s near size and performance makes it popular for irrigation, sprinkling, flooded pit drainage, washing down and general pumping

Models TET2-50HA, TE4-80HA and TE2-100HA are all self-priming pumps powered by a genuine Honda 4 stroke OHV petrol engine. Similar construction to the TEM series but with cast iron volutes and impellers for an increase in abrasion resistance. These models are housed within a protective tubular steel, easy carry frame which has anti-vibration mounts. The engines are fitted with oil alerts to guard against misuse.

All above models have a maximum suction lift of 8metres, though 6metres or less is recommended. Hose couplings, washers, clips, and strainers are supplied but hoses are extra.

Site trolley available for TES-100HA as optional extra to assist manual handling

Suitable applications:
  • Hire Fleets
  • Utilities
  • Construction
  • Drainage
  • Irrigation
  • Wash down
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Pricing for the TE Series pumps

Model Inlet (mm) Outlet (mm) Flow l/min Head Weight (kgs) Price (£)
TE2-25H 25 25 130 35 5.9 £265.87
TEM-25H 25 25 140 40 5.1 £288.72
TET2-50HA 50 50 520 32 22.0 £351.98
TE4-80HA 75 75 1000 32 27.0 £429.51
TE2-100HA 100 100 1800 28 44.0 £1,071.99
Optional Extra:
Site Trolley (TE2-100) - £202.28
Residue pumping adaptor (25mm model only) - £146.14
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