SPP Hydra hydraulic submersible pumps.

Hydra Pumps

Comprehensive range of pump ends and power packs

SPP Pumps manufacturers a comprehensive range of hydraulic submersible pumps in the Hydra range. Covering the widest extent of applications with over 30 highly efficient pump ends, which are available in various material options to suit the application. This provides the market with one of the largest ranges of hydraulically driven submersible pumps in the world. Driving these pumps is a range of over 25 power pack combinations to ensure optimum performance and efficient matching of the overall package.

Enhanced Performance

The design of the pump ends provide an enhanced performance and a range that covers medium and high head as well as high flow applications. The Autoprime Hydra product ranges from 2mm (1.25") to 450mm (18") discharge with heads up to 130m (425ft) and flows up to 2,300m³/h (10,100 USgmp).

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Choice of pump ends and power packs to ensure efficient matching
  • Variable speed provides excellent fuel-savings
  • Proven and reliable designs
  • Sound attenuated power packs available
  • Use of biodegradable oil as standard
  • No electrical hazard as encountered with electric submersibles
  • Pump ends can be bolted inline to become booster pumps
  • Compact dimensions to allow access through manholes
  • Minimal maintenance and low maintenance costs
  • Easy set-up can be operational in a very short time
  • Drainage, Sump pumping
  • Hazardous environments
  • Quarry, mining and downhole pumping
  • Surface water removal
  • High head pumping
  • Construction

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Some of the most popular combinations are shown below. Other combinations are available within the ranges shown above. Please contact us for further details.

HSQ35D - Power pack


Hydraulic pump to operate the hydraulic submersible pump.

Flow: 0 (m3/Hr),Head: 0 (m),

S2T-2 - Pump end 2 inch

S2T - 2

Flow: 42 (m3/Hr), Head: 28 (m).

Discharge: 50 (mm),

S2TC-2 - Pump end 2 inch

S2TC - 2

Flow: 47.4 (m3/Hr), Head: 37 (m).

Discharge: 50 (mm),

S3T - Pump end 3 inch


Flow: 88 (m3/Hr), Head: 23 (m).

Discharge: 75 (mm),

S3VHL - Pump end 3 inch


Flow: 159 (m3/Hr), Head: 50 (m).

Discharge: 75 (mm),

S4T - Pump end 4 inch


Flow: 197 (m3/Hr), Head: 27.5 (m).

Discharge: 100 (mm),

S4VHL - Pump end 4 inch


Flow: 170 (m3/Hr), Head: 63 (m).

Discharge: 100 (mm),

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