SPP Pumps - Box Canopy Range

Unique style, lightweight, robust, reliable and proven vacuum assisted pumping technology from an internationally recognised brand name. Applications include general purpose dewatering, over pumping, sewer bypass, industrial and municipal pumping applications, where reliable and fully automatic prime and reprime is required with minimal operator interface.

Please view our Stage V Dewatering Pump Brochure PDF to learn more about how these engine technologies will be making a change for the better.

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SPP Pumps Box Canopy sold in UK
Design Features
  • Tier III emissions compliant engines.
  • Fully bunded one piece ”BOX” design leak-free chassis with 110% liquid containment.
  • Four large access doors.
  • Heavy duty integral fuel tanks, with ushing/draining points.
  • DSEE400 control panel with Auto stop/start control feature enabled as standard. Simple to configure with large LCD display, full control and engine diagnostics.
  • Fork lift slots, 4 staking corners and a central point lifting point.
  • Twin mechanical seals, flood lubricated for continuous dry running.
  • Stackable up to 3 units high.
  • View brochure for more information.
Optional Extras
  • Pump Telemetry.
  • Spark arrestor and Chalwyn valve.
  • Battery isolator.
  • Optional colour to suit customer branding.
  • Optional single vane/solids handling internals.
  • Optional 316 Stainless Steel internals.
  • Service & Maintenance package.
  • Spares kit.

SPP Box Canopy Specifications

Model Hose Size
Max Flow
Max Head
Max Solids
Inlet Outlet
HH80 80-100 80 120 90 20 Make Enquiry
100 100 100 200 28 40x65 Make Enquiry
100M 100-150 100 255 52 40x75 Make Enquiry;
150 150 150 330 27 85x80 Make Enquiry
150M 150-200 150 430 37 65x80 Make Enquiry
200 200 200 522 32 75x90 Make Enquiry
200(S) 150-200 150-200 42 42 100 Make Enquiry
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