Honda Pressure Washers

Heavy duty or domestic Use.

Honda Pressure Washers

The PW series are heavy duty pressure washers powered by either Honda petrol engines or Yanmar diesel engines. They feature Interpump plunger pumps fitted with brass manifolds, for ultimate reliability, and a low pressure chemical injection facility for operator convenience.

For the more industrial applications there are models fitted with gearboxes, while for the lighter duty, direct drive is selected. A broad range of manual handling specifications include simple open frames, easy carry full frames, heavy duty site frames, solid rubber wheels and pneumatic tyres.

All models are supplied with high pressure hose, lance and suction pipes. They are suitable for all cleaning applications, where a powerful, and portable, cleaning source is required.

Flow rate: 11 - 15 litres per minute

Suitable applications:
  • 1350 - 300 psi
  • Full frame
  • Petrol/Diesel driven
  • Honda/Yanmar engines
Main features:
  • 11 - 15 litres per minute
  • 90 - 200 BAR
  • Site trolley
  • electric start
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Pricing for the PW Series

Model Engine Fuel Flow (l/min) Electric Start >Weight (kgs) Price (£)
PW150 PH12GC GC190 petrol 12 no 34 620
PW90 PH12 GX120 petrol 12 no 30 655
PW100 PH11 GX120 petrol 11 no 30 710
PW140 PH12 GX160 petrol 12 no 42 880
PW140 PH12T GX160 petrol 12 no 48 915
PW150 PH14 GX200 petrol 14 no 34 905
PW200 PH13 GX270 petrol 13 no 57 1,055
PW200 PH15 GX340 petrol 15 no 85 1,415
PW200 PH15U (- open frame) GX340 petrol 15 no 85 1,415
PW200 DY15E L100 diesel 15 yes 128 2,430
PW200 DY15ES L100 diesel 15 yes 148 2,965
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