Honda Water Pumps

Honda Engine Driven Self-Priming Pumps.

Honda Engine Driven Self-Priming

The WX10 is a self priming centrifugal pump, powered by a remarkably compact and powerful 4 stroke, genuine Honda, petrol engine. This is coupled to a pump end that has an aluminium body, volute and impeller, which ensures that it is light, truly portable and easy to store, particularly in vans. It is fitted to a sturdy base plate, with rubber feet to minimize vibration and has a comfortable, yet robust, carrying handle.

For reliability, the pump is fitted with a carbon ceramic mechanical seal. It has high head capabilities and gives a good flow of water. It’s neat size and performance makes it popular for irrigation, flooded man hole / inspection pit drainage, washing down and general pumping. It is not fitted with an engine oil alert system.

The WB pumps are also self priming pumps and are powered by genuine Honda 4 stroke, OHV petrol engines. They have carbon ceramic mechanical seals and lightweight, aluminium pump housings, to assist portability. For increased abrasion resistance, they have cast iron volutes and impellers. These materials ensure maximum durability for the pumping of clear and black water as found on building sites.

Both models are housed within a protective tubular steel, easy carry frame which has anti-vibration mounts fitted. WB’s are fitted with oil alerts, to protect the engines from misuse. These highly popular pumps are used by Utilities and are found regularly on hire fleets.

Suitable applications:
  • Fire Departments
  • Hire Fleets
  • Irrigation
  • Utilities
  • Wash Down
Main features:
  • Flow: 142 - 1090 litres per minute
  • Head: 28 - 36 mtrs
  • Self-Priming
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Pricing for the Honda WB/X Series

Model Head (mtrs) Flow (l/min) Engine Fuel Weight (kgs) Price (£) Carriage (mainland)
WX10 36 142 GX25 petrol 8.00 £356.44 £15.00
WB20 32 590 GX120 petrol 24.00 £378.72 £15.00
WB30 28 1090 GX160 petrol 31.00 £467.83 £16.00
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