Xylem / Godwin pumps – CD series

We are expanding our product range and can now offer the Xylem/Godwin CD automatic self-priming pump series. These pumps are equipped with an independent power source, prime from dry to 8.5 meters of suction lift and can run dry without experiencing any damage. The option of Perkins, Caterpillar, Hatz, JCB and Deutz engines are available.

CD Series offer high volume, with low to medium head and solids-handling capabilities. Flows from 80 to 3,500 m³/h. Benefits largely include durability, reliability and excellent performance.

Stuart Pumps have developed a 2 wheeled trailer (with or without pipe rack)* to enable safe on-highway transportation, making the product more versatile to Local Authorities or Environment Agency type clients.

*Weight restrictions may apply.

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SG Pump
Godwin Dri-Prime Pumps
Typical Applications
  • Ground water control
  • Mine dewatering
  • Wellpoint dewatering
  • Industrial sludge pumping
  • Tank sediment cleaning
  • Flood relief
  • Emergency service pumping
  • Pipe relining
  • Marine ballasting
  • Sewage over-pumping
CD series
Model Suction Discharge Solids Handling Engine Tier dB(A) @7m Price In/Due Stock Open Set Hush-Pac
CD80D 80 mm 80 mm 45 mm Kohler KDI2504M
Kubota Z482



Hush-Pac POA

CD100M 100 mm 100 mm 45 mm Kohler LDW1603
Perkins 403D-15


Open POA
Hush-Pac POA

2 in Stock
CD103M 100 mm 100 mm 75mm Kohler KDI2504M IV 64 Open POA
Hush-Pac POA

CD150MT 150 mm 150 mm 65 mm Kohler KDI2504M
Perkins 404D-22T
IV 66 Open POA
Hush-Pac POA

CD225M 200 mm 200 mm 75 mm JCB444 T4i-81 IV 68 Open POA
Hush-Pac POA
CD250M 250 mm 250 mm 75 mm JCB444 T4i-81 IV 68 Open POA
Hush-Pac POA
CD300M 300 mm 300 mm 95 mm Scania DC09 T4 IV 70 Open POA
Hush-Pac POA
CD400M 450 mm 400 mm 125 mm Caterpillar C9   N/A Open POA
Hush-Pac POA
CD500M 500 / 600 mm 450 mm 80 mm Caterpillar C18   N/A Open POA
Hush-Pac POA
Elevated Head
CD140M 100 mm 100 mm 75 mm Scania DC09 T4   66 Open POA
Hush-Pac POA
CD160M 150 mm 150 mm 75 mm JCB444 T4i-81   68 Open POA
Hush-Pac POA
CD180M 200 mm 150 mm 75 mm JCB444 T4i-81   68 Open POA
Hush-Pac POA
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