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Rail Projects
State of the art trackside solutions.

Principal Supply Points (PSPs) and Signal Supply Points (SSPs)

Power4’s main responsibility to rail customers involves supplying Principal Supply Points (PSPs) and Signal Supply Points (SSPs) at critical areas throughout rail networks to ensure back-up power supply is available at all key power points.

Each point is designed to run ‘automatically’, with a pre-programmed start-up scheduled to minimise disruption and safety risks during a mains power supply failure. The points also include the added function of a remote monitoring unit, enabling engineers to check point status via a PC and receive SMS text alerts in the event of a malfunction.

Points Heating Systems

Power4 recognises that one of the biggest challenges for rail operators, particularly during the winter months, is to keep trains running efficiently. One of the biggest obstacles to this is the ongoing and serious problem of frozen points. In order to tackle this issue, Power4 has developed a highly reliable and cost-effective points heating power generator system.

The system is powered by a diesel generator and controlled by an on-board Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). This guarantees to keep points ice-free in extreme conditions and can also be used in remote locations where there is no mains electricity supply or where regular access would be difficult to arrange.

Once in place, the points heating generator starts up automatically whenever the temperature drops to a point where freezing is likely. Using the PLC, a Power4 engineer remotely monitors the generating set, checking fuel, oil and water levels, and identifying any potential problems before they threaten rail network operation. Any issues requiring attention are either dealt with remotely from the control centre or a field service engineer is dispatched immediately, providing rail operators with peace of mind and continuous operation 24 hours-a-day, seven days a week.

In addition, the PLC controls the generator to charge the start-up batteries at regular intervals throughout the day to ensure they never fail to start the generating set when it is required.

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