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Generator Hire - Extras

We have a wide range of ancillary equipment to hire alongside your generator including fuel tanks, transformers, road-tow trailers, cabling, distribution boards and much more.
All prices are ex VAT and priced per week unless stated otherwise.

Bunded Fuel Tanks

fuel tanks

Our vast range of fuel tanks includes standard or special bunded with a road towable option on some models.

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Stuart Power has a range of 100kVA transformers available from stock for immediate hire

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Transfer Panels

transfer panels

Load transfer panels offer a compact, electronically controlled response to power outages

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Cables and Accessories

Cables and Accessories

Distribution boards, cables and accessories such as cable joiners, adapters, ramps, boxes and more.

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Trailer Hire

Trailer Hire

Often your generator will need to be moved around on site we have a road-tow trailer to suit any size of generator.

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GPS Tracking

GPS Tracker, will ring fence site, alert if moved. Relays information to Service Department (records start and stop time). Data information sent via text and email. £20.00 per week (Min. 2 weeks).

Data sheet to be filled out for contact details at commencement of rental. If rental exceeds 10 weeks, charge is reduced to £5.00 per week.

Please Note: GenTrack does not replace Insurance needs and requirements.

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