Gas Generators for sales in England

Natural gas generators

FG Wilson and Perkins has taken the decision to temporarily stop manufacturing and supplying Gas generator sets.
Stuart Group are still able to supply spare parts to support the sets and we can offer Gas generators from other suppliers so all is not lost.
Contact us for a quotation or further information.

FG Wilson natural gas genset models typically for use in the power industry, government, hospitals, utilities and CHP.

All models are tested within standard reference conditions 25ºC (77ºF) Air Inlet Temp, 100m (328ft) A.S.L. 30% relative humidity.

Model kVA Engine Model Spec Engine Spec Pricing From Get In Touch
PG345B3 345.0 4006-23TRS1 PG345B3 4006-23TRS1 £ P.O.A. Quote Me
PG375B3 375.0 4006-23TRS1 PG375B3 4006-23TRS1 £ P.O.A. Quote Me
PG450B1 450.0 4006-23TRS2 PG450B1 4006-23TRS2 £ P.O.A. Quote Me
PG525B1 525.0 4008-30TRS1 PG525B1 4008-30TRS1 £ P.O.A. Quote Me
PG620B1 620.0 4008-30TRS2 PG620B1 4008-30TRS2 £ P.O.A. Quote Me
PG1080B2 1080.0 4016-61TRS1 PG1080B2 4016-61TRS1 £ P.O.A. Quote Me
PG1250B2 1250.0 4016-61TRS2 PG1250B2 4016-61TRS £ P.O.A. Quote Me

Terms and Conditions
All prices quoted ex. our Attleborough works, exclusive of VAT.
Upgrades available to suit any application/specification.
Prices are based on standard models.
Upgrades priced on request.

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