Generator Service Filters

FG Wilson Service Filters

As an FG Wilson dealer we only supply genuine parts which includes all of our service filters. As the UK's largest authorised distributor for FG Wilson, Stuart Group Ltd are the only parts specialist you need to contact to meet your post-sale requirements.
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FG Wilson Fuel Filters

Fuel Filters

Part No. Service Interval 1-10 (Qty) 11-50 (Qty) 50+ (Qty)
10000-59650 500hrs £POA £POA £POA
10000-59651 400 hrs £POA £POA £POA
1000-63247 500 hrs £POA £POA £POA
20000-12699 400 hrs £POA £POA £POA
10000-51230 400 hrs £POA £POA £POA
10000-51231 400 hrs £POA £POA £POA
10000-51229 400 hrs £POA £POA £POA
20000-12703 250 hrs £POA £POA £POA
10000-59652 500 hrs £POA £POA £POA
10000-59653 250 hrs £POA £POA £POA
10000-77728 500 hrs £POA £POA £POA
10000-51232 500 hrs £POA £POA £POA
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FG Wilson Fuel Filters

Oil Filters

Part No. Service Interval 1-10 (Qty) 11-50 (Qty) 50+ (Qty)
915-155 500 hrs £POA £POA £POA
10000-64850 250hrs £POA £POA £POA
10000-51233 500 hrs £POA £POA £POA
10000-64852 400 hrs £POA £POA £POA
10000-51228 400 hrs £POA £POA £POA
20000-12702 500 hrs £POA £POA £POA
10000-59645 400 hrs £POA £POA £POA
10000-51283 250 hrs £POA £POA £POA

FG Wilson Air Filters

Air Filters

Part No. Service Interval 1-10 (Qty) 11-50 (Qty) 50+ (Qty)
10000-51238 250hrs £POA £POA £POA
901-048 400 hrs £POA £POA £POA
901-046 400 hrs £POA £POA £POA
901-056 400 hrs £POA £POA £POA
901-054 500 hrs £POA £POA £POA
10000-51239 400 hrs £POA £POA £POA
915-671 500 hrs £POA £POA £POA
10000-51286 400 hrs £POA £POA £POA

FG Wilson Racor Filters

Racor Filters / Elements

Part No. Type 1-10 (Qty) 11-50 (Qty) 50+ (Qty)
161-079 Filter (small) £POA £POA £POA
161-080 Filter (large) £POA £POA £POA
974-897 Element (small) £POA £POA £POA
921-088 Element (large) £POA £POA £POA

Generator Servicing


At Stuart Power Ltd we maintain and service a comprehensive range of diesel generators either as stand alone systems or in combination with your uninterruptable power supply.
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FG Wilson Dealer

FG Wilson Dealer

We are one of the UK's largest authorised dealer of Caterpillar (NI) Limited for FG Wilson branded products One of the world's largest diesel and gas generator manufacturers. Learn More

As a dealer we are able to supply the parts needed for any FG Wilson generator, which also includes the Perkins and Leroy Somer genset components. Learn More

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