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Many manufacturing sites across the UK are being redeveloped as the need to re-use brownfield sites becomes increasingly important. One of the main reasons for this is the Governments targets for 60% of new homes to be built on brownfield land.

Whilst large gains can be achieved if industrial land is suitable for a change to residential or better commercial/retail, there are no guarantees. Partially, this is because the planning process can be very bureaucratic and often unpredictable.

The biggest driver in realising the true value of a site is time. The longer the time available to undertake investigations, consulting with the regulators, any remedial requirements to satisfy the planning process and validation of the site, the better. All require time and patience.

Naturally, the condition of each site determines its value. We employ very experienced professionals with extensive remediation knowledge. We are able to complete measured assessments of the requirements for each site.

So whether you need a quick fix or are in a little less of a hurry, we will be pleased to help!

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